It’s that time of year again. The dreaded day of Love. St. Valentine’s Day. I mean you thought Christmas as a single woman was bad, right? But hold on for the wave of loneliness and sadness you are about to experience on this day of love. But wait hold on a minute!!! Who the hell says it has to be a day of sadness or loneliness?

All the hype about love and flowers and chocolates and undying love splattered all over social media, can have a single woman feeling blue. But trust me when I tell you that if you left a relationship because it was all wrong, then this should be a day of celebration. Celebration? Have you lost your mind? Well, some days I think I have lost my mind, but today is not one of them.

How about instead of feeling blue and lonely, your celebrate your love of yourself. Remind yourself what a kick ass woman you are. Buy your own damn flower and chocolates. Buy a new outfit or some new shoes. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure, or hell even both. You don’t need to receive a gift from a spouse or partner, to make yourself feel loved and appreciated, because you should love and appreciate yourself first. I mean if you don’t then how the hell do you expect somebody else to?

While I know that self love and appreciation may be hard sometimes especially when you are feeling sad and vulnerable on a day like today, but trust me when I tell you that this too shall pass. It’s ok to feel lonely and it’s ok to feel sad and reflect on past relationships. But ask yourself this? Why are they in the past? If they were so great and loving then why did it end? I know this sounds like I’m being a big meanie, but I am just trying to remind you of what you think you lost may, have been the greatest gift you gave yourself. You chose to love yourself and to be happy. What an amazing thing you did for yourself.

So instead on this Valentine’s day start a new tradition with some other single ladies. Go out for your own Valentine’s dinner. Drink, eat and be merry. Celebrate your amazing selves. Go around the table and have every one of you recite the things you love the most about another woman sitting at the table. Spend your money on a nice dinner, not over priced roses.

You can always find good in a bad situation, you know the proverbial silver lining. So on this day of love and celebration I encourage yourself to celebrate your own self love. Surround yourself with your friends that lift you up and appreciate you for who you are. Tears, cellulite, bad hair and all!!!

Cheers to you ladies. I love and admire you all.

Much Love,