I mean Universe can you give me a break?!!!!

Well, well, well. So here I am at 53 and in a position that does not necessarily scream successful!!! OK let me back up, I should say it does not scream the life I imagined. Let me clarify.

Recently my boyfriend of 4 years and I split. Don’t cry for me, I have cried enough for all of us. It was not my decision, but it’s a decision that whether or not I agree with have to accept. Then to boot, I am very unhappy in the home I am in. It was kind of like a short term solution to a problem and it’s making me unhappy, as its become more long term than I expected.

Wait, don’t stop reading because, if you feel like crap about stuff going on in your life, my sob story will help you feel better I promise.

My son is going through a very contentious divorce and without boring you with the details, I am legally and financially involved and find my hands tied until his shit is settled. What does that mean you ask? It means I am financially tied up until this nightmare is over and its been going for a few years now.

So to put it mildly, my life is as about as messed up as it can be. And my guy breaking it off, was the proverbial icing on the cake. So now what?

Well the weekend saw me cry like a little girl. I was shattered. But through the tears and the snot, I got some clarity. At first it was poor me and my miserable life, and then I realized that throughout all the struggles in my life, all the hardship and financial strain, I always managed to reinvent myself and find the silver lining in it and move on and become even more successful than before. And honestly this morning I felt excitement. Because, OMG have I got a plan. But I can’t tell you just yet. Because it’s in the infancy stage. But trust me when it happens, you will know as I am going to shout it from the mountains.

But know this. I am accepting what I have been handed. I may not like it, my heart may be shattered, but I am taking this and all the lessons I have learned and putting that sorrow into positive action. I refuse to be an angry old woman lamenting about her life. My point is this ladies. You may not like where you life has ended up, but unless your life is at its end, you have time and the ability to change it. Question is do you have the desire, ambition, energy and hunger to do that? I SURE DO!!!!!

I can’t wait to tell you what I have been brewing. But trust me, you will all benefit from it.

And as always know that you are not alone and that there is money, love and life after divorce and hardship.

Much love,