My personal story took me from having the courage to leave a troubled abusive marriage, near homelessness and financial ruin, to the present day—living and loving life as an accomplished businesswoman and Certified Life Coach, blessed with a healthy family, abundance, positive loyal following, and pretty kick-ass life. And if I can turn my life around after two divorces, bankruptcy, life-threatening illness and almost losing my child, I know that I can help you do the same.

Being aware of my own power was the turning point in my life.

It was through my own struggles (and later triumphs) as a broke, scared single mother that I made a decision to make it my life’s work to help other women overcome traumatic, life-altering events in their lives and move on. Divorce, job loss, death or tragedy of any kind does not have to stop you dead in your tracks. Stop running. Face the fear and run towards it!

I believe every woman is entitled to live a happy, healthy abundant life, filled with joy, love, and success. It’s a woman’s right to know that they don’t have to settle and that they can be the person they want to be and live the life they want to live. I’m obsessed with helping women do just that, through daily inspiration, custom-designed programs, live coaching, live events and even a virtual butt kicking when needed.

Helping women to move forward, giving them the tools, strength, and guidance they need to do just that is why I became a Life Coach. I want to guide every woman to be the queen of her life, to wear that crown proudly and to live her true unapologetic life.

No woman left behind…that’s my mission.

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