The purpose of this is to give you insight as to whether or not you relate to this list and to stay out of that trap and easy tips to help.  


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In working with women throughout the years, the biggest complaint that I have heard is that they hate their job, but even more surprising is that they hate their boss. Can you imagine? When I hear that I have images of Cruella Deville, traipsing around in her spotted coat, barking (no pun intended) out orders.

Let’s face it most of us work because we have to. But what if you actually worked at a job you loved? I mean can you imagine? According to Forbes Magazine that is not the case. Sorry folks!! 

So in gathering information from clients, my own personal experience and countless interviews conducted, I have formulated a list of commonality as to why most people hate their jobs. The purpose of this is to give you insight as to whether or not you relate to this list and to stay out of that trap and easy tips to help.  

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 1. There is little room for growth, advancement or promotions.  

Being stuck in a job you dislike is compounded by the realization that it is a dead end and the chance of getting promoted is less than getting a sitting with the Pope!!! 

So now what? Well the solution lies within you. You and only you. Me? Yes you! You need to get yourself out there. Start reaching out to colleagues in other companies that love their jobs. Update your resume. You may find that you are lacking in some skills to really get yourself up that ladder. That means, upgrading, updating and learning the stuff that will get you noticed.

But a word of warning. Do it soon. Why you ask oh wise one? Because you need to get out before your sanity and your performance start to suffer and dare I say, even get you fired? Would there be any bigger injustice than getting fired from a job you hate? Oh don’t be all indignant now, just get your ass in gear!! 

2. Company expectations. 

Your employer will expect you to show up on time and perform to your fullest. That often means going the extra step and putting in more hours that the usual 40 hour work week. But what if a 40 hour work week is considered half ass or even lazy?  

Pretty sure that would cause some resentment. I mean who wants to work in a company that expects blood sweat and tears and a 60 hour work week? If you do you are a martyr. Expecting that kind of performance (unless you are an owner) shows disrespect for you as an employee and a person.  

So what’s the solution? I know you are not afraid of hard work, but you need to find a company to work for that respects their employees and has a great company mission and culture. That means just like point 1, getting out there, researching the internet for company cultures and getting your resume in their like yesterday! 

 3. Slave labor, otherwise known as being underpaid.  

It’s no secret that many employees feel they are underpaid. Are you really underpaid or do you simply feel underpaid? There is a difference people! So if after researching similar positions in other companies and the salaries that go with that, you do indeed confirm that you are underpaid here’s what you need to do. Get the heck out of dodge or prepare to negotiate a raise. But don’t go into your meeting with your boss all indignant and start demanding to be paid what your worth. Check that temper and go in armed with facts. Real data that you can present to your boss to justify getting paid more. Oh and a word to the wise. Don’t ask for a raise if your performance has been lacking. All the stats in the world won’t get you that extra money. The raise has to match the performance. You have done. So make sure you go into the meeting with examples of great things you have contributed to your job and how valuable you are and how much you are needed in that position. Simple right? 

 4. Why did these people come from? 

Look it’s no secret that we are all human beings, so that’s why we are all different. Different looks, characteristics and work ethics. There is nothing worse than going to work and being surrounded by people that you really don’t gel with and simply don’t like. It’s OK. Not everybody gets along. Some people are negative, lazy, ass kissers and procrastinators. If you are none of those chances are that you are not going to like being around those people never mind working with them.   

It’s not always possible, usually for financial reasons to leave your job, so the next best thing is to simply put some distance between yourself and the offender. If they are really awful, and not carrying their share of their responsibilities, document specific offences. Don’t roll your eyes, you are not tattling. You are simply providing hard evidence as to why you cannot work with that person and perhaps even can justify moving departments or even branches if that is possible.  

Unfortunately things can be even worse if that person is your boss!!! Now what? Well basically the advice is the same. Document things and if possible, request a transfer.   

It’s fair to say that leaving your job, or if they economy sucks, getting another job is not an option or may take more time than you have the patience for. But ultimately the wait will be worth it.   

In 2013, Forbes magazine reported in a poll, saying “work is more often a source of frustration than fulfillment for nearly 90% of the world’s workers.” 

But perhaps the most startling thing is that dissatisfaction will spill into other areas of your life. Your children, your family your friends, even your pet. We’ve all yelled at somebody for no apparent reason.  But is it? It’s likely your dissatisfaction and frustration at your job that is driving that. Red flag alert!! 

So before you do permanent damage, make it a priority to investigate, what if anything you can change in your current position, salary etc.  And if the word “GET OUT” continues to yell at you, then that message should be received loud and clear.   

Change is in your power. And being happy in your job is in your own hands. What are you waiting for?  You don’t need my permission.    

Much Love,