Growing up I think we all had heroes. People we really looked up to.


Growing up I remember thinking Wonder Woman was the bomb. She had a killer rack and was basically indestructible.
Fast forward to today. I have learned that despite the strong belief that I could conquer anything, I often failed. And that was ok, because from failure came lessons, learning and my actual success.

Over the years and during various careers and businesses while having moderate success, I still felt unsatisfied. I often felt like something was missing. And what was worse, that I felt guilty for feeling this way. I mean on the surface I had it all. Good health, money, nice home. And then it finally hit me. Like a piano falling on my head. I realized that despite all the “stuff” I had I was unhappy because I was not doing what I wanted to do; I was not in the relationship that I wanted to be in. Like talk about a revelation. I thought to myself now what?

That was the hard part, being honest with myself and telling myself that I was unhappy. And in another “AHA” moment it became clear that I was not being true to myself and my desires. So what did I do? I took an inventory of my life. What did I love to do? What gave me pleasure? What did I absolutely dread doing? What was my true desire? Who did I want to work with? Me!!! I wanted to work with women like me. Motivated, hard working, loving, caring and not afraid to take chances, kick ass follow your dreams kind of women. The kind that isn’t afraid to spend money on personal development, self care, travel. Who like luxury, who want more freedom and want to grow their business or even leave or change their business. Sound familiar?


In discovering my true desires, a lot of baggage came to the carousel and rather than scream and run the other way, I faced it head on. I dealt with the things that I really never even knew were holding me back from being my own hero. My money story, my limiting beliefs, my co-dependancy issues. They all surfaced….And I discovered the real me. I found out who I was, what I wanted to do and man did I like the woman that I saw. I mean I had overcome being married to a man with huge addiction issues, bankruptcy, homelessness, poverty and even lack of self esteem.

I knew with every ounce of my being, that I am meant to be a hero to myself and my tribe. To help you overcome your challenges, but more importantly to help you find your true self and your own WHY.


As you take this journey, you will discover what you really want to do in your life. Whether you are living your passion or just living.

Are you living your passion, or just living?

Because know this, you can make it a reality. Figure out your passion, make a plan and watch the profits roll in. But you have to arm yourself with the right tools and beliefs to make it happen.

Say it out loud, visualize it, manifest it, and take action. There are no dress rehearsals in life. We are live!!! When the final curtain comes down, do you want to look back with regret and say I should have??? Not me!!


So Live Your Truth ladies and don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about it. I love nice things. I love luxury, I love to travel, I love my freedom, I love to make a difference, I love to speak to an audience and I love telling my story and watch the remarkable effect it has and how it transforms women from “BLA” to BAM!!!!!

So take a good hard look at your life. What would you change, because you know you can. What makes you happy? What is your true desire? And then go get it. You don’t have to conquer the world, just your own dreams. Be the heroine not the victim.

And when you are ready to make the change, get inspired, get motivated, make more money, live your truth, then reach out to me because I am waiting to make your dreams a reality. I want to be a hero to you!!!


With much love,