living your truth


The million dollar question.  Today I listened to a podcast and it really rang true for me and I am sure it will ring true for others.  In a nutshell this woman was going to school to be a doctor because her parents wanted her to be a doctor.  But she was very unhappy and decided that it was because she was in medical school.  Well that girl decided to do the hardest thing in her life.  She chose herself and her happiness. She told her parents that she was quitting school and that she was going to do what she wanted to do.  Her parents freaked out and told her that she would never succeed.

Fast forward today.  She is a motivational speaker and a hugely successful entrepreneur, encouraging people to live their true authentic life.  Man oh man can I relate.

Six years ago I was in the hospital very ill.  I found myself thinking about my life.  I reflected on all the good and my success.  Then why was I so miserable?  Because I was unhappy with my life in general.  Sure on the surface it looked good, but behind closed doors I was suffocating.  I was in a loveless marriage and was in a career that no longer really lit me up.  And I was fast approaching 50 and decided that I needed to make some serious changes. I realized that I was living the life that was expected of me.  Cue the sobbing. 

I don’t think that there is a person on this planet that has not been influenced by their parents own thoughts and values and therefore the desire to make them proud and do what they want, even at the expense of their happiness. 

But at some point there is a breaking point.  Where the unhappiness takes over and it consumes you and only then are you able to make that change, that breakthrough.  And although you may feel selfish and scared, I bet you are feeling a little excited too.

For years I stayed in a marriage that was not good for me or him, lived in a house that I did not want to be in, worked in a career that no longer really served me, saw friends that were hard to be friends with. What did I do you ask?  I got divorced, dropped the friend, become a certified life coach, starting writing again and am working on an exit strategy for my business so I can work full time at my coaching and writing. 

Will people be skeptical?  Yup!  Will they be mean and negative? Yup!  Do I give s shit?  Nope!!  Living Your Truth is the name of my company and it’s all I have ever wanted to do.  To me it’s doing what I want to do.  Write and coach and help women.  Travel, blog and cook!  And finally do what makes me happy and feel fulfilled and satisfied. 

What does living your truth look like to you?  And are you brave enough to do it? I think you are. 

Much Love,