1-kidIf you are like me, you almost had your future planned out for you by your parents. You know the one, depending on the era, looked like this. Get married to a nice man have kids and give Mrs. Cleaver a run for her money. Then as we got into the 80”s and 90’s it was more like it’s really important that you get an education and get a good job. Maybe with the government (which back then was the proverbial golden goose). Work hard, save money, pay off debt and look forward with bated breath to your 2 weeks of holidays that you got every year.

Sound familiar? So like little girls, we make our parents proud, we get an education, we marry a nice guy and have the 2.5 children we are supposed to have. We work hard, put up the white picket fence and then………..Reality hits you like a Barry Bonds Home Run. POW!!!! Right in the Kisser.


You look around and you say, what’s wrong with me? I mean look at my life. I’m married, have kids, a house, and a good job. But in reality you are not happy. You take the unprecedented move to look deep inside and you realize that your life is YUCKY!!! It’s boring, it’s worse than plain vanilla ice cream. But what’s worse is you feel trapped and in actually being honest with yourself you realize that you have been living a life that everybody expects you to live. Quiet, following all the census, relatively mundane. And it’s like OMG, is this all there is? You can’t say it out loud because if you did, then it’s true. And the truth is that you have …….EEEKKK…..SETTLED!!!!!


And before long you are fantasizing about a lifestyle that is usually only found in Forbes magazine, or on the Movie of The Week. You spend time, imagining working at a job that you actually love. Or even more crazy, fantasizing about running your passion based business. You’ve got some nerve! You daydream about a luxurious life, fine dining and beautiful things. You find yourself with Fabio (ok that might be much) in an exotic location or an amazing place in the world, running your business from your laptop.


That laptop lifestyle is calling you. Your desire gets stronger and stronger every day. Before long, you have joined Pinterest and you are pinning all kinds of boards with images of beautiful places, fine dining, designer clothes and a wildly successful company.



Well it may just be a dream at the moment, but not for long. Because you have taken the first step in moving towards living your truth. You have admitted that you want more to life, to your career, to your business and even to your relationship. And you are done settling. Can I get an AMEN!!!!


Hear my voice Ladies. You can have what you what. You can have more. You can have a great life (no you don’t have to marry some dying billionaire to have it either). You can change careers; you can even change your business. You can change your damn hair color if that is what you want to do. But know this. It is never too late to change and to live the life that YOU want to live not the life that your parents and the census tell you that you should be living.


I mean does not that alone just make you want to jump up for joy and sing at the top of your lungs!!!

It sure does, I know it because I was one of the women. I had it all. On the surface, Mrs. Cleaver had nothing on me. But that was the key. ON THE SURFACE. Deep down inside, I was tired angry, miserable and pretty much not liking my life.

And one day after months of soul searching and pissing off my husband and friends, I said F*ck it. I am not going to be one of those people that find themselves at the end of their lives and say, oh well I wished I had done this differently. No way. Not me. So I took drastic steps and for the first time in my life, put me and my happiness before everybody else. I devoured personal development books, I attended seminars, conferences, and self help webinars and in the process I discovered myself and let me tell you, I am fierce! I took some pretty drastic steps, I know people thought I was crazy, but I did not care. I told everybody, if you do not want to support me or do not like what I am doing, guess what? I DON’T CARE!!! I sold my house, left my marriage and started moving towards what I really felt my calling in. Don’t get me wrong, being a Mortgage Broker and helping people was very satisfying, but it was not making me jump out of bed. It was not bringing meaning and fulfillment into my life.

And after my brutally honest look at my business and career, Living Your Truth Success and Business Coaching was born. I realized that I can have it all. That I deserve it all and that I do not have to Settle! Again can I have an AMEN!!! That I can change my path in life, even two or more times. That so long as I am true to myself and being the most authentic version of myself and my voice, nothing really matters. And listen if I pick up a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutins along the way, well who am I to judge?
So know this. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have the career, the business and the life you want. It’s ok to want and have nice things. Luxury is not just for somebody else. Travel is no longer a wish but mandatory and finally life is short, Live your Truth.

But where do you begin? How to your change things that have been a staple in your life for so long? What if you don’t even know what you actually want? Well my pretty that is where I come in. As your Coach, I will help you navigate through those tumultuous waters. I will help you discover your true passion, your true desires, your WHY!!! Together we will get clarity for you so crystal clear that even your in-laws will come back. We will uncover and smash through those limiting beliefs and figure out what you are meant to do, who you are meant to serve and get you there.

So sign up for your free consultation, if you want to shake things up a bit. If you want to live a mediocre, unhappy life, then do nothing, as watch the rest of us live the good life. But if you are no longer ok living that way, then reach out to me and see if working with me is going to get you on your way to your dream life. To a life that you have designed. To that laptop lifestyle. To your truth.

Life is short, buy the damn shoes!!!!

To your bravery and success!!!

Much Love,