Omg, you think that going through divorce or ending a long term relationship was hard? How about getting naked in front of your new boyfriend after being with the same person for many years? You want to talk about motivation for getting your ass in shape, there is nothing better.

I know there are couples that despite being together for many years are still uncomfortable walking around each other naked.  If this is you, no matter what you are still going to feel uncomfortable when it comes to getting naked in front of somebody new. But I have a few tips that might make you a tad more comfortable.

Here’s the thing, if you are not comfortable with yourself, that is have some lacking in self love, self confidence and self assurance, then there is a good chance that you are going to be uncomfortable getting naked no matter what. Being happy with who you are inside, reflects on how you feel about your outside.  Most women don’t look like super models and may have body issues. I mean we are our own worst critics. When we look in the mirror, most of us see the flaws and not the good curves. That’s because we are told through endless commercials and advertising, what a good body is supposed to look like. I mean have you ever been in a fitting room and tried on a bikini. Nothing sabotages your self confidence in your body more than then those damn lights. They can make Twiggy look out of shape. Bottom line, love the skin you are in, that will make getting naked in front of your new man a bit easier.


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So how to get more comfortable in your skin when you are about to drop your drawers for the first time.  First off, no GRANNY PANTIES. I don’t give a shit if those are the most comfortable tighty whities you have. I mean here’s the thing. Most women know when sex is on the table. If you are not sure when the “first time” is going to be, I mean it may just happen, then do what your mother always told you. Make sure you have clean underwear on!!!! OMG I’m dying here. But what is the most important thing to remember is this. Buy yourself some pretty lingerie so that when you get naked you can feel as pretty and as sexy as you are. And make sure no matter what you always have something pretty on underneath, nothing wrong with being prepared. Kind of like a dirty little secret. Are you feeling me ladies?

OMG and speaking of being prepared, you know where I am going with this. Ladies, this new person in your life had a past, and you may not know where he has dipped his wick before. So how do you approach this dilemma? One word, CONDOMS!!! Look I know that you may not even remember how to put one on, but safety first. The first time I went to the store to buy condoms knowing the “Big” day was coming up, I was absolutely blown away by the selection. Enhanced pleasure, ribbed pleasure, Magnum size (I wish this on all of you ) color changing and on and on. I was literally in the store laughing my head off at the condom selection. If condom wearing kills the mood, then do this, have a very frank talk with your man and advise him that you both should be tested for any nasty lurking STD. That way if you choose to have unprotected sex, you know that you are not going to die from a night of passion. Its not a great conversation to have but think of the alternative.

Your first time with a new man is going to be fun, exciting and the world is going to rock (at least I hope so, mine did). I can guarantee that your man is not looking at your cellulite or less than flat tummy. He’s there for you, because he found you attractive enough, funny enough, and happy enough to get to this stage with you. It’s not always about the body. A person’s character and the soul of their being make them more physically attractive. And I can almost guarantee that he may have a little roll or two or some imperfections as well.

So be confident, be prepared and get ready to get your world rocked. New love is fun, exciting and amazing. Go with the flow, get out of your own head and enjoy the ride!!!!!!

Much Love,