Maria-KyleSo I decided to start this blog because I want the people that are going to be my tribe to get to know a little more about me and maybe get an inside look at what my life is like and get a feel of the kind of person I am. I will be sharing stories, pictures, wins, losses etc. I want you all to feel like I am your sister, or friend or crazy aunt that nobody wants to sit beside at Thanksgiving dinner.

I currently work at my own business as a mortgage broker for 8 years. I have been “informally coaching” people on obtaining mortgages, fixing their credit etc. That part of my business is the part that gives me the most satisfaction, the rest of it not so much.   I hate the paperwork, the arguing with the lenders, the formality of following the rules!

I figured out a while ago that this job was not really what I wanted to do into my retirement. Instead I figured out that I need to help women like myself get to a place of happiness, success, confidence etc. Just like I did so many years ago. And more than once. Trust me, I messed up a few times too!! Imagine that!

It all starts with figuring out your TRUE DESIRES and what lights you up! What makes you jump out of bed in the morning etc! And honestly this current business I am in does not do that. This weekend as I was boating with friends and drinking margueritas, I let the thought of work creep into my mind and I instantly felt ill!! What does that tell me? That I am not working at my passion inspired job. But hey that’s ok because it currently allows me to continue with all my personal development work, coaching certification programs and it also pays a heck of a lot of money.

So like you ladies, I searched for my why and found it and now I’m implementing it. The experience is freaking scary, It’s fun, it rewarding and it’s a lot of work. But in all of it, it feels so right. So hold on to your hats ladies because it time to kick up our lives a notch and get out of the rut we may be in and start living your life, your passion. Design your life and LIVE YOUR TRUTH. Stay tuned for some little tidbits of inspiration, fun and teachings. All brought to you via this blog.

Until next time people, LIVE YOUR TRUTH, and be your unapologetic self!!!
With Love,