Yes that’s right.  Stop making resolutions!  Why you may ask? Because what you are doing is simply putting off the inevitable.

Look we all procrastinate, me included, so I feel ya.  I know it may seem like there is never a right time. Right time to have a baby, right time to buy a house. Right time to get married and lose weight. Right time to leave that relationship.  But you know what? There is a right time and that time is now!

Deciding to make a resolution for the New Year is in my humble opinion, an excuse for being lazy, an excuse for putting off something that is hard and in reality setting you up for failure, just in the future.  

Am I coming off too harsh?  Like a big mean bitch? Well guess what?  Too bad. And I say that with love. Love because my wish for all of you is to be successful, to live a full, happy life.  And that life often comes with hardship, struggles, and challenges, all of which we don’t want to deal with if we don’t have to.  I get it. I’m guilty of that too.

But I want you to learn from my mistakes.  I put off too many things in my life and now at 53 find myself lamenting about the wasted unhappy years.  Years spent in a loveless abusive relationship. Years spent hating my job, years spent being unhealthy. See where I’m going with this?   

My gift to you for this 2019 is to start now.  Take an inventory of your life. Take stock of what you want to change.  Take a good hard look in the mirror. It’s ok, don’t be afraid, you’re still there, just maybe not the version you remember. But here’s the good news.  You can get that person back. She’s still there, waiting to come out. Waiting to be happy, waiting for PERMISSION!!! So give it to her and today, not January 1st, not tomorrow, but today.

You deserve to be happy.  So buy that damn house, leave that soul sucking job, get happy, have a fling.  Do you and make no excuses, not for wanting to be happy and making your life better, for you, yes you.

So fuck those resolutions.  This is the day you decide to take the first step, for living your truth and finally putting yourself first.   

I have faith in you.  I have walked this journey myself.  So I am sparing you years and years of mistakes because I know you got this, don’t be afraid.  My mission is to ensure every woman is empowered and gets to life her best life and be the best version of herself.