As we go through life and wonder why it appears like everybody seems to get what they want or they are so “lucky”, I’m here to tell you that its likely because those people have worked on changing their mindsets and manifestation and therefore attracting what they want in life. I am sure you all have heard the expression that “you reap what you sow”, “that good things come to those who wait” or even “just do it” This informative article written by Myrko Thum, simply and elegantly explains the Laws of Attraction. So without further adieu I present the Laws of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states: Like attracts Like.
Using it for us as humans and especially for the creative process (what we want) this translates to:
You attract in your life what you think about most of the time. What you focus your attention on grows, and your energy and actions flow towards it.

For me the Law of Attraction was intuitively clear pretty early in my life, without labeling it as the Law of Attraction (or even “The Secret“). Some time in my teens I decided to “focus on what I want”. That was essential for me.

If you focus on reading this blog-post here, you absorb the meaning of the information and start thinking processes on your own, which may lead to certain actions of you integrating the ideas positively into your own life. You focus your mind onto something and therefore create (attract) circumstances in alignment with it. It’s you actively directing thoughts and actions to create the reality you want, starting with your thoughts.

The Key Message
The key message of the Law of Attraction is that it all starts inside of yourself, not on the outside. It’s not that you look outside to be influenced. This would let you use the Law of Attraction to give you more of what you see, not of what you desire. You have to turn that around and look inside and influence the world. Your thoughts have creative power.

When you put your attention on what you don’t want (i.e. “I hate my current job!”), you feed that situation and will increase its presence. Instead you have to refocus on the thing that you want and take attention away from what you don’t want.

Now I think this is a pretty intuitive message of the Law of Attraction. Still, you can do this wrong by not getting conscious about negative thought-patterns and following every (negative) thought your mind comes up with. So if you focus on the negative parts in your life and put your energy and actions there, maybe even powered with emotions like anger, revenge or hate, you tend to increase these kind of situations instead of resolving them.

If instead you focus on your purpose in life, your vision and your positive goals, what you already love and what you are grateful for, you tend to increase these kind of situations and put your thoughts and actions there.

Match Your Inner State to What You Want


The news may be that you have to match your inner state with what you want. Your inner state are your thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, energy. This state is what attracts what you get. So you have to BE in harmony with your goal. Then you will manifest it.

So the best thing you can do is to become and be the person on the inside to whom your goal would come naturally (or who would already have your goal).

In order to use the Law of Attraction seriously you want to take full responsibility for your inner state and your results. That helps you to become more aware of your thought patterns and your emotions. Because you realize that your thoughts have an important impact you understand that you have to take responsibility and choose which thoughts you want to follow. The same goes with your emotions.

Just because a thought or an emotion enters your mind, you don’t have to follow them. They are not reality. But they have the power to influence your reality greatly. So you have to consciously choose. And by making the choice, you use the Law of Attraction in your favor.

The Law of Attraction in Practice

In practice the Law of Attraction works best when you align all of your energies with it. Then you move everything into harmony with what you really want. And the main components are:
1. Your Thoughts
2. Your Feelings
3. Your Beliefs
4. Your Goals
5. Your Actions

When you let them all fire into the same (positive) direction of what you want, the Law of Attraction will work best.

You especially want to avoid conflicts, for instance if you have the goal of being in a loving relationship and you have the belief that trusting other people is dangerous, you would create a conflict for the Law of Attraction. Another example would be the goal of having your own business mixed with the fear of not having enough time, which would create resistance and avoidance patterns.

In Essence

So the key is to realize that your mental setup is a creative process. Your thoughts help you to create your reality. Raise your awareness and give them room and choose which you want to follow. Hold the good ones and cut the bad ones.

Practice these teachings and before you know it you will be attracting all that your heart and body desires.

Much Love,

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