From struggling to superstar. Gina DeVee shares her story.gina_1

Gina DeVee is a Success and Lifestyle Coach. She is the founder of programs like the Wow Factor! and the Divine Living Academy. I have been enrolled in the Academy as I work towards my coaching certification and have been impressed by the program and the tools I have been given. As I continue to work and grow my business, I thought this article, published in the Divine Living Magazine would be useful to other women who are looking to see how a smart successful woman has stayed focus and grown her business.

The Question was: What are the top 3 consistent practices you’d attribute to your growth, moving from a struggling therapist in a lot of debt, to the superstar that you are today making 5 million dollars in one year and influencing so many women worldwide?

Gina DeVee: There are a number of things I’ve been consistently doing, developing and working on since first launching my business 10 years ago. The top three I’d say are essential for anyone who seeks consistent expansion. If I dropped any of these from my focus, my growth would surely slow down or plateau. I definitely couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without them.

Number one is the art of getting really clear on my desires – as if they were possible. Because we’re all so used to hearing about what we can’t have, can’t do and will never accomplish, so many women never own up to their desires (in life and in business) and thus, never actually go for them as if they were not only possible, but non-negotiable.

“Number one is the art of getting really clear on my desires – as if they were possible.”

All throughout my career I’ve heard, you can’t charge the much. You won’t be able to sell it that way. There’s no way you’ll be able to travel for four months of the year and still pull off a successful launch. And if I had ever chosen to believe any of that over listening to my own intuition, I’d certainly still be stuck in struggle mode – and you wouldn’t be reading this magazine right now!

Instead of letting the current paradigm for what is and isn’t possible dictate my actions, what I do is anchor into the crystal clear truth of what I desire, who I am and what I know is possible – especially whenever I seek to grow my business or create something new.

For example, when I was first dreaming up the Divine Living Academy, I got really clear that I desired to enroll 200 women and that I wanted to fill the whole program through a video launch. This was unheard of at the time, to enroll that many participants at an almost five-figure price point. Everyone said I had to do live events and sell from the stage. I had filled programs that way before, but I knew that’s not what I wanted for this launch. So I zeroed in on my desired outcome and my ideal strategy. From there, I worked backwards and developed the right plan to make it successful. It’s how I always set myself up to manifest any of my goals for my life and business.

The second muscle that I still work to this day is my unlimited thinking. This really comes down to studying wealth consciousness and living that awareness in the now. It’s something I had to establish a solid foundation for in the beginning. For at least my first year, I was reading books like Think and Grow Rich and The Science of Getting Rich every single day for at least 30 minutes.

I’m still constantly reading different business and personal development books, but now keeping an expansive mingina_2dset is mostly about following what lights me up beyond what seems to make “good business sense.” Take the first Academy launch and what I ended up dong to fill those 200 spots. July of that year I was with Glenn on the Isle of Capri and we were slated to launch in September, with a plan to produce a video series, but few details fleshed out – no concept, no location, no script, no plan.

Around that time Glenn started urging me, “Gina, we’ve got to go work of this.” I didn’t know quite what we were going to do, so I had been avoiding it. Glenn thought I could use some creative support, so he brought up the apprentice program I was running at the time. Most of the women working with me lived on the East Coast of the United States. Glenn thoughtfully suggested we fly out there and go work with them and get this done.

“One of the biggest mistakes I see woman entrepreneurs making is getting in the habit of being ‘busy’.”

I liked the working together and getting it done part… but I couldn’t help but think, why would I want to leave the Amalfi Coast in the height of summer to go to the East Coast? It might have made the most sense… in expense report terms. But how would that possibly inspire the best possible marketing campaign for a program designed to help woman to tap into true desires and passions?

So I started asking the right questions. What destination would inspire the best possible video series? Where do I feel the most lit up? Where does my ideal client want to see me? In that moment, the answer in my heart was Paris. Wild as it may seem to the entrepreneurs of yesteryear, we flew all the apprentices from Newark to Charles de Gaulle and spent a glorious week working in a luxury apartment, crafting the Paris video series. Coming from such a high-vibe energy, the launch was a major success and I can’t imagine it having happened any other way.

“You have the ability to create exactly what you desire, as long as you have your greatest asset: yourself.”

Once you have clarity on your desires and you’re thinking in a miraculous, unlimited way, then the third, equally crucial piece is to align your actions specifically toward your goals. One of the biggest mistakes I see women entrepreneurs making is getting in the habit of being “busy”. The problem is, being busy doesn’t make you money!

To be effective and have consistent growth, you have to laser your focus on moneymaking activities, delegate as much as you can as fast as you can, and never let your inbox rule you day! If you’re always running around being busy, doing this training or that webinar, your ideal clients can’t even get to you – so, no wonder you’re not seeing the growth you desire.

I know that it can sometimes feel like there’s this huge gap between where you are and where you desire to be. We all experience it, no matter how far along our paths we are. What all of these practices are really about is being open to the belief that a bridge across that gap does exist – and then realizing that you are fact part of that bridge. You have the ability to create exactly what you desire, as long as you have your greatest asset: yourself.

Thanks to Gina DeVee for the great article and helpful tips. So what’s your excuse? What are you waiting for? Get on the fast track to success. It’s there for the taking!!


To your success.

With Much Love,