I  know  I know.    I’ve heard it  all before. You  think you are doing  everything right.

You  are working  hard. You are  helping others,  you are exercising  and eating right, yet  somehow the results don’t  even register, in life and on  the scale. I mean what’s the point  of working hard and doing things right  if somehow nothing has changed.

It’s  like banging  your head against  a wall time and time  again.

Do  you want  to know why  you are not getting  results? Because that  little voice inside that  you keep ignoring is steering  the way. And although you think  you are in the driver’s seat, unless  you take control of that wheel and work  on and acknowledge these blocks, you will  continue on this hamster wheel.

  1. Despite  what you  think, YOU  get to decide  who you are and  what level of income  and success you deserve.    Thinking that you don’t deserve  success and to make money, sure as  hell blocks it as if you were holding  a stop sign. Train your brain and see  what you gain!!!
  2. Stop  making  excuses.    All the excuses  in the world don’t  cut it. I’m busy, I’m  tired, and I’m broke. Well  keep thinking like that and you  will forever be just that. Take  control and make those excuses a thing  of the past. Excuses are a shield to hide  you from potential fear of failure.
  3. You  doubt  yourself.    Don’t let Debbie  Doubter take up space  in your head. If you  want to succeed in all aspects  of your life, you cannot afford  to doubt yourself.
  4. You  self sabotage.    Don’t roll your eyes  at me, we all have done  that. Doing this though is  a form of protection. You feel  like you need to protect yourself,  from failure and from heartache so you start  giving yourself reasons why it won’t work and  actually convince yourself that it’s true. Stop that  shit now!!!!
  5. Stop  coming  from a place  of lack. You  think that to be  successful you have to  have stuff. The minute  you start saying I don’t  have a nice car, I don’t have  a nice house, I don’t have bla bla.   That sets the tone of lack. The measure  of success for each of us is different, but  I can tell you success is not measured by the  stuff you have.
  6. Figure  out your  Why. Why  do you want  this car? This  new job? This new business?  This new love? This purpose? When  you figure that out everything and the  universe opens up and everything starts to  matter again. That fire starts burning inside  because that light switch got turned back on.
  7. Stop  living  your life  by other’s expectations.    Don’t go to Law School because  your parents want you to be a lawyer  and you hate the thought of that. Don’t  take that promotion in your job when all you  really want to do is start your own business.    Don’t stay in that marriage or relationship because  you are worried about what others are going to say!!    Get it?

Look  it all  boils down  to some really  simple things. Success  comes to those that are really  clear on what they want, how they  want to get it, and consistently do  what it takes to get shit done. Surround  yourself with positive people that you admire  and you will no doubt attract and soak in their  great energy.

Success  is a matter  of time, and it’s  your time now. So get  back on track so that you  once again can be in the driver’s  seat. To your new found clarity!!!!!