No I am not talking about the American election. I am talking about you and the decision you have made.

So you have finally decided that you are not in love with your career, or maybe your business or relationship. And now you decided that you need and want to change it. Well first of all let me congratulate and celebrate with you in making one of the most important, rewarding and brave decision of your life.


So after all the fireworks have died down, you look around and go ok, now what? I know the feeling, really I do! I too found myself asking the question of NOW WHAT? I hated my job, my relationship and marriage and knew my only choice was to change it. But the overwhelming task of trying to figure out the next step after I made that decision almost gave me a nervous breakdown.

How does this uncertainty feel like when it’s hanging over your head? Let me ask you another question. What happens to your life in 5 or 10 years when you still have done nothing about it? I can tell you. You will continue to be unhappy. You will continue to feel, despair, anger, resentment. You will continue to feel extreme disappointment in yourself for not making the change despite the realization you needed to change your career, or business or relationship. Is that really what you want? I mean haven’t you already felt discouragement, failure, anger, envy , anxiety, loneliness and longing, by continuing to stay in your career or relationship that is suffocating you and sucking the life out of you?

Enough!! Stop!!! How many nights do you have to lie awake staring at the ceiling wondering what to do next? I can almost guarantee that unless you deal with this uncertainty and get clarity on how to move on, you will continue to live a life that you don’t love; you will continue to feel disgust with yourself and reek of disappointment. You may try to make yourself feel better by maybe eating and drinking too much. And let’s face it you have probably let yourself go as well. Your healthy lifestyle and exercise no longer exist in your life. You are so unmotivated because you have been living in your own hell.

Does this sound like you? I am here to tell you that there is help. That on the other side of the fear and uncertainty is the life and career you desire. Imagine this. You now are in your dream career and relationship. How does that feel to you? Can you smell it, because it’s that good!!!! You feel a renewed sense of excitement and even fear. You are sleeping better. You are actually excited to start your day. Because you love what you are doing you are making more money and it’s literally without even trying. You feel confident and in control. And if you are now in a better relationship, how does that make you feel? Happy? Sexy? More attractive?




And think how that will feel like in five or ten years. You will be so much happier. You will have your amazing career, relationship, body, basically the person that you always knew that you could be and wanted to be. Life will be SO MUCH BETTER because you made the choice to get out of your personal hell and actually got help to find out how to live your new life, career, relationship. Your new normal.

highSo ask yourself this. Would you rather stay in your self induced mediocre life, feeling like crap, where despair, disappointment, anger, envy and failure are staples in your life? Or would you rather come on over to the good side, the side that looks like your ideal life. The life that is full of contentment, love, dream career, excitement, happiness and purpose among other things.

You can have that life, you can live that life because the hardest thing you did was admitting it was not ok to settle any longer. Be proud you took the first steps in moving forward and getting help to do just that. That’s where I come in. My programs are designed to help you move forward in your quest for a better, life career, and relationship.My story is not over yet

I truly believe that I went through all the hardships and challenges in my life (some of which brought me to my knees) to be able to make a difference in your lives. To give you hope when you feel only despair. To be able to show you that it’s ok to not settle and to want more out of your life, career or relationship. I don’t just talk the talk, I have walked the walk. I have been in your shoes.

So it’s your choice. Your life so far has been all about the choices you have made. Some good, some well, not so good. But that is all about to change now. Be brave, be fearless, and be the best version of yourself and own it!!!



To your success and to kicking mediocrity in the pants!!

With much love,




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