The one thing that I have learned as a woman entrepreneur is that I lack freedom. Let me clarify that statement. I honestly thought that by owning my own business and being my own boss, that I would actually get more freedom. WRONG!!!!! What happened was actually the opposite. I ended up being chained to my business, my office, my job.

Success and money came and it was great but it did come with a price. I worked long hours, seemed to always be on my phone and email and even started resenting the success that I had found. I knew that was not a good way to be feeling and set out to discover and uncover a way to have more balance in my life and freedom and to figure out if this was even the right career for me.

First thing I did was find a mentor/coach that would help me figure out what my true desires were. Well, let me tell you that was uncomfortable and uncovered a whole lot of things that made me cringe. Here I thought I was this put together businesswoman, kick-ass boss lady. HA HA HA HA. Well actually I was that but I just needed a little fine-tuning. Working with a Coach was the best thing that could have happened to me. You see a Life Coach is a bit like your best friend without the judgment. With the right Coach, you will get help with your personal problems, your career decisions, your goals. A Coach provides support and accountability. And I guess I needed all that as well!

And so my journey began. And along the way, I found out a few things. That I crave to help women like myself, find their true passions, their desires, their truth and have the freedom to live that way. I enrolled in the program after program and gobbled up books on personal development and wealth consciousness. I changed my mind set on all matters personal and business, and let me tell you that was not an easy task. I found out I am a stubborn Sicilian Catholic woman with some pretty strong ingrained beliefs. (Thanks, mom and dad!) But seriously though, despite the fact it’s been a bit of a rude awakening, it has also been the most exciting, happy and rewarding time of my life.

I realized that I do love parts of my mortgage business job and that I need some serious revamping of my systems to make it hum like a finely tuned machine. I also realized that I have so much to offer other women that I want to scream it off the mountaintop a la Julie Andrews!!!! But far more stylish and without the English accent!

And then came the birth of my new child; LIVING YOUR TRUTH, Life, and Business Coaching. And it was like I had finally listened to the Universe and did what I had always wanted to do. Uplift women, support women, help them in their business, in their personal development, in their health, in their appearance, hell even in putting together a kick-ass outfit that goes from business to play!!! Whatever it was I wanted to be there for my people, my tribe.

So know this. You can have it all; you deserve to have it all. You can change your career path, regardless of your age, your education, your mindset. You can get healthy, you can make a ton of money and finally, you can be happy and you can have more freedom. How am I so sure? Because I have been there, done that. I have walked the walk. I am not just giving you lip service. Now don’t get me wrong, I am still working on it, and I may only be a step ahead of my lovely people, but know this. My desire to help you in being the best version of yourself is so strong that I will not let anything or anybody stop me from doing this, and neither should you.

I got your back.

With Much Love,