Are you afraid of the consequences of living your truth? Of speaking your truth?

Are you afraid that you’ll be abandoned? Rejected? Left behind? Will people find out certain things and possibly give you negative feedback? Are you afraid of the consequences of success?

Happiness can be simple, yet it’s not always easy. It does require you to embrace the truth, speak the truth, and live your truth. It’s simple, not complicated. We often play this game of being confused or of not being sure. How often is your answer to a question, “I don’t know”?

But if you are honest, deep down inside you KNOW

Ask yourself, what is your truth? The moment you’re willing to own, feel and live the truth is the moment your life will shift and change forever.

I want to help you come closer to your dream, not tomorrow, not next week, but today.

Have you ever set a goal, actually felt excited about achieving it and felt such a strong commitment to it only to find out that a few days later, a few weeks later, or even months later that you had actually reverted back to your old ways? This was a goal you set, but somehow you were not moving towards it.  Maybe you had vowed to get into better shape and eat and be healthier, only to come to the realization that somehow that idea, that goal, had fallen off of your radar once again.

Or you thought at some point now was the time to get out of that current job and find work that really matters to you that inspires you and has you jumping out of bed each morning but you just didn’t do anything about it. And again months have gone by and you have done nothing about it.

Maybe you even decided that this was your time to find your soul mate, but again that dream, that goal, actually never became your reality.

I’m sure that like countless others these are true and common examples of this pattern in our lives. So what actually is happening here? Well, getting out of our comfort zone requires some work and effort and the old familiar habits pull us back and we slip back into the “normal” without even realizing it. And there’s just nothing more disheartening than slipping back again and again, into your old ways and stagnant routines.

And so to even start to make a change in your life, you have this nagging insecurity as to whether or not you have what it takes to achieve your goal and worry that maybe you just don’t have what it takes to make real, permanent changes in your life.

And here’s a very sobering thought, most people stay in the same job, the same situation, the same relationship the same state of mind for most of their adult life. There are some people who live 100 years, but most people live about 1 year a hundred times.  Do you want to be one of those people, living your life on repeat?

I’m pretty sure not. So now what you ask? Decide today is the day to change all things in your life. You need a mentor and a coach. You need some accountability and some guidance in getting you to your dream life, to get you to finally be living your truth.  I want to be the one to help you on your journey.

Each day, take action that moves you closer to your goal, your dream, your truth and what you really truly desire. Because in doing so it will move you closer to living out your dreams and desires and finally living your truth. Be strong, be courageous but most of all be true to yourself. Your life by design is waiting for you.

You got this ladies.

With much love,