I’m sure I am not alone in reflecting that another year has gone by and as I look around I can’t help but feel a sense of disappointment. Disappointment in myself, because despite everything I told myself, I really did not do what I set out to do. I don’t mean like save the world or make the world a better safer place, but rather, work on my coaching business and my desire to help women.

You see it’s always been a desire and burning ambition of mine to help women. Whether it is financially, emotionally or professionally. You see I have a story too, just like so many other women, and I should be shouting it from a mountaintop, because it’s a good one and I overcame it, and am a better person for it. Just to sum it up, abusive marriage, bankruptcy, homelessness, life threatening illness, divorce…..need I say more? But you know rather than say “poor me poor me” I did something about. And that my friend is what this blog is about.

Falling down and failing is ok. Not getting up is unacceptable. Because from failures come remarkable successes and lessons. Oh trust me they can be hard, but often those lessons are the best, most, valued ones we learn in life.

So as you reflect on the year past, as I have, what are you going to do about it? Stay stuck? Stay unhappy? Stay in limbo living a life others expect you to live? Can I get a HELL NO!!!!!!

Today I made a promise to myself that I m going to live my life unapologetically, happily to the fullest, with no excuses in why I have not fulfilled my life’s ambition.  Today is the day that I too move forward and make my dreams come true. Who wants to come along for the ride?

We got this ladies.

With much love,