For the past few months I have been working with an amazing social media team, and Courtney kept talking about these fucking angel numbers and how they are so accurate and kept sending messages to her that was so on point. Honestly, I believe in things that are not tangible and in spirit, etc. but I never really thought too much more of it.

Well, recently I made a huge decision in business that came with a lot of backlash from people that did not agree with my decision. It hurt my feelings to hear their negative and downright mean comments. To make a long story short my direction was a new focus, new direction, less negativity, find peace, balance etc. So I closed a successful large group and directive them to my Living Your Truth Ladies Lounge.

Shortly after that, and after having a cry as well, it was brought to my attention that 123 women were waiting to join my group. I thought that’s amazing, that so many women are following me. But what’s more amazing is the significance of these numbers as pointed out to me. Holy shit… hairs stood on end, the world literally started buzzing and in that moment I knew that I had made the right decision.

A little intro on Angel Numbers:

Guidance from Angels can appear in the form of a dream, overhearing something said in passing, through an intuitive nudge, a flash of inspiration, or a repetitive feeling, thought, or idea. Angels also love to send signs and signals that they are with you, and angel numbers just so happen to be one of the most common angel signs that appear.

Here is the interpretation of the numbers of 123.

Number 123 is said to have a strong meaning of simplicity, order, work towards the future, and being in tune with one’s spirituality. Those who are blessed with this number will find your Angel brings the guidance of his followers towards releasing negative energy and acquiring positive energy.

Those with money troubles may find particular help through number 123. This Angel is said to guide those experiencing financial hardship towards finding peace, balance, and positive action. He is able to influence how and when you feel the urge to spend money. With this guidance, you will learn how Number 123 is said to symbolize higher powers at work. His meaning brings us to the realization of our own powers in life, our powers over money, and balancing our inner thoughts. Those who need help reconciling thought and action can find this Angel helps to lead them to understand the messages the Universe has in store for them.



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The number 123 is powerful not only because of the number sequence but because of the individual numbers that make up the sequence. Individual numbers are powerful and are made up by their vibration, or energy.

This energy is compounded when in a number pattern or sequence. When in a recognizable sequence such as 123, your Angel is trying to get your attention! This number is brought to you to make you take a pause in life and reflect on your current situation.

The numbers 1, 2, and 3 are powerful as singles, but when together, they represent the beginning of a new chapter in life, the continuation of success, and the need for simplicity.

The 123 pattern brings a feeling of superiority to the number pattern. This is a pattern that must be listened to above all others. This pattern is easily recognizable and easily read to mean leadership and life change.

The number 1 is said to represent leadership, continuity, beginnings and ending, and positivity.  The number 2 is said to mean flexibility, duality, double power, intuition, balance, and luck. The number 3 is believed to mean believe communication, passion, luck, faith, success, and energy.

Each of these numbers has such a strong quality, that when blended together with other numbers, the sequence is one that is incomparable to that of other Angels.

Amazing right? It was so deadly accurate I was sure there was somebody reading my mind. I am a believer and now look at numbers differently. And the funny thing is that for most of my career as an accountant and a mortgage broker, all I did was work with numbers. Go figure.

Stay tuned for my next blog on when I saw the numbers 222 and 333

Much Love,