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You know when you set some kind of goal and you don’t reach it? How does that make you feel? I’ll tell you. Like a total failing loser!!! Well at least that it how it made me used to feel. 

I was watching a mentor recently talk about just this thing and I thought it was time that I gave you all a virtual ass kicking in case you need it.  

Failure is something that is simply a perception. What? Yes your perception! Lets lay this out. You set a goal and you did not reach it. But instead of feeling like you failed, how about this? Look at what you did accomplish. More importantly was the time frame and the goal realistic? I mean let’s be honest ladies. Wonder woman is a not a real character and neither my dear can you always be Wonder Woman. I mean who wouldn’t want to have a killer rack like that and fucking awesome hair to boot! 

But the mythical character may have always saved the world but you don’t have to.  

So let’s leave that bitch to saving the world and get back to reality. The reality is that you did not set out to “fail” but you did. As women we always think that we have to be super heroes. Get shit done, ahead of schedule and have it done just right. Perfection is your enemy ladies. Done is better than perfect. So here are some questions to ask yourself when it’s time to set goals. 

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  • How realistic is the time line. Like if you want to lose 20 pounds in a week, chances are that is not really going to happen, so why even bother. 
  • What are the consequences of not hitting that deadline? Late fees? Lost clients? Lost revenue? 
  • What was it that caused you to set that deadline? Was it you or other people? 
  • If the goal is financial (business, investments, bonuses?), have you really mapped out what it will take to reach that goal? For example if you are in sales and you are selling a product that is $100 and you want to make $1000 per week, then knowing the amount of clients you need to sell it to will be tantamount to determining if that is realistic. 
  • How does not meeting the goal affect others, if they are somehow dependent on you reaching that goal? 
  • What is the absolute worst thing that can happen if you don’t hit that goal? 


Here’s a reality kick in the butt in case you did not know this. LIFE gets in the way sometimes.  And guess what unless not hitting that goal is going to be life or death for somebody, then get over it and stop beating yourself up. Shit happens, kids get sick, parents need you. So you get derailed a bit. And that’s all it is a temporary derailment.  

The important thing is this. If you did not hit your goal or target, then look at what you did do. Stop focusing on only what you didn’t do, but what you did. You likely did well but because you set some target that was missed, you think you failed!!! But you didn’t because you did something. Whether it was halfway to your weight loss or sales quota, you still accomplished something!!   

A goal not reached is simply an opportunity to try again. And as the old cliché goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.  So stop beating yourself up, don’t curl up in the fetal position and cry, put on your big girl panties under that Wonder Woman outfit and slay those goals. Tomorrow is another day!!! 

To Goal Getters!!!! 


Much Love,