How to Get Unstuck When you are Stuck

So you’re stuck? Feeling blah? Can’t bother to get dressed or do your hair? In the words of Cher in Moonstruck, “Snap out of it!” And here is where I would give you a virtual slap in the face. To keep moving forward we have to understand some basic things. We know it...

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What If???

What if?  The two most hated words in the English language.   How many times have you asked yourself this question?  What if I had taken that job? What if I had gone on that date?  What if I had made that investment? What if, what if what if? But do these words really...

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3 Simple Ways To Beat Belly Bloat

3 SIMPLE WAYS TO BEAT BELLY BOAT  So its summer time and we are all on the looking bikini ready bandwagon.  We eat relatively healthy; we work out so that we can wear that 2-piece with pride. And then it happens.  You look down and somehow...

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Listen, I am one positive upbeat person. I mean I have to be as I am a life coach. But guess what, sometimes I too get down, depressed, sad. And honestly if one other person tells me that God only gives me what I can handle, or this too shall pass, I might fucking...

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