Life by Design,

not Default.

Maria is a Success and Life Coach specializing in helping women take charge of their finances and living their life by design, not default.



Unsatisfied with your career?  Struggling to pinpoint your life purpose?  Wanting to make more money? Dealing with divorce? Determined to reach your goals but lacking energy and knowledge to do so?

“Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to be Yourself.”

Coco Chanel


I also struggled with the unhappy reality of my life, personally and professionally.  After a lot of soul searching, hard asked questions and personal development work I finally identified my true desires and dreams.  But it did require some hard work.  I had to uncover and rid myself of the fear and negativity that was holding me back (oh and there was a a lot of it, trust me).  A huge coming to Jesus moment and some luck and a leap of faith brought happiness and brilliance back into my life.  (OK and a great pair of shoes too!) Honestly just read my bio.  I think you might be motivated and inspired by my story.

I want to remind you that the most important asset is YOURSELF. Your self worth, your confidence and even your health will soar when you identify your true desires and work to realize your life purpose, your true calling.  Something magical happens.  Stability, transformed physical and emotional health, loving relationships, economic security and genuine happiness are awaiting you. Sounds great doesn’t it?

As your Success and Life Coach, I will guide and mentor you in uncovering or rediscovering your inner shine, your trues desires , your path and your life’s sparkle.  You will no longer languish or hide behind insecurities, self-doubt and negativity.  When you choose to invest in yourself and your dream, you will be super-charged and your direction will be crystal clear, your path will be illuminated!!!

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