Welcome to Living Your Truth – a safe place dedicated to women who are looking to live their life by their own design, not by default!

My name is Maria and I am a Certified Success and Life Coach specializing in helping women move forward in life and business after suffering through catastrophic events in their lives.

I have an unwavering obsession to help make any woman’s life better by teaching them every aspect of being the most authentic version of themselves in business, relationships, finances, and health.

Do you long for stability, transformed physical and emotional health, loving relationships, financial security and genuine happiness?

Well, you can have that all!

As your Success and Life Coach, I will teach you to regain your confidence, your pride, and your love of yourself so you can have a new loving relationship, leave that job you hate and even start a new business.

All with class, humor, integrity and a true desire to help you achieve your goals.

I am here to show you the way and to illuminate your path and soul!!!!

6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Setting Goals

FAILED AGAIN!!!!      You know when you set some kind of goal and you don’t reach it? How does that make you feel? I’ll tell you. Like a total failing loser!!! Well at least that it how it made me used to feel.  I was watching a mentor recently talk about...

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My First Ever Cycling Experience

I GOT SHIT OUT THE BACK!      Say what?  OMG, the lessons and expressions I have learned from my new found love of cycling.  Picture this, I’m newly single and I get set up with a hot man. He’s got a love of all things fast and is an avid cyclist. Me well...

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To The Woman Trying To Build Her Empire

Humiliation 101 - A Fucking Wake-Up Call      Well sometimes we all get a spoonful of humiliation, but today I got a whole plateful. I mean I’m pretty sure that I hit a low that I have not seen in years.  Years ago I went bankrupt and I mean those...

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